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Announcing new non-fiction work The Little Yellow Book.

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A shamelessly original work of art you can read legally outside China.∗∗∗∗∗



A tour de force. ■ Leanne Delehanty, author, artist ■

Butterfly is a book that reminds you of the joy of discovering a treasure, and wondering why there aren’t a few hundred-thousand more who have already found it before you. ■ Unlikely stories ■

History is written only once, so is Butterfly by Julie O’Yang. ■ Young Chronicle ■

A book that has all the essential ingredients that makes a bestseller. There never seems to be a damp moment with the right choice of words. ■ Creative Ecstasy ■

Julie O’yang has created a glittering magic-realist novel that explores desire and the cruel capriciousness of sexual attraction. ■ Walter Mason blog ■

The book Butterfly all in all reads like a Bestseller and the readers will find it a page turner. A must read for all. ■ Vaani, Smita Singh■

[A] revisiting of the past. ■ Singapore Review of Books ■

[Y]ou get hooked to the story right from the first page. The denouement is also equally fascinating. Highly recommended! ■ Abdullah Khan, author


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