How to understand present-day China? Through a series of articles, visuals and rare videos I takes you on a journey to discover today’s China — and the world’s second-largest economy — that is hard to fully understand because it is huge, rapidly changing and complex. Part 1,5

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[Confucius: Who was he? A martial arts master? A fortune-cookie prophet? I myself often think he was a bitter old man who believed that his balls were made for useless Chrismas tree decoration. In essence: Confucius and his successors were interested in creating a society that was male-dominated and in which the primary duty of women was to the household. Confucianism promoted an unequal society through concepts, such as filial piety, hierarchies within society and obedience to authority. In recent years Confucius has returned to political favor, his image has become ubiquitous in mainland China and increasingly used abroad to symbolize Chinese culture for the lack of a better understanding. In fact, Confucius is why the Chinese are not most remembered for their love of sex in the country with the highest population in the world. ]


Julie O’yang’s new political book on contemporary China will be launched in coming July. Stay tuned for news, including a brand new website dedicated to the title. 


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