Shanghai Art College, 1914

The first nude in Chinese art history, by Fang Junbi (Fant Chun-Pi), exhibited at Salon Paris c.1930’s

How to understand present-day China? Through a series of articles, visuals and rare videos I takes you on a journey to discover today’s China — and the world’s second-largest economy — that is hard to fully understand because it is huge, rapidly changing and complex. Part 1


My new article is up. Please appreciate my writing by engaging me with “Applause” and or leaving your comments on Medium. 

“Three paths of horizontal collaboration in the vertical male politics, but altogether an intimate narrative history of c*nt, either warm and deep or cold and shallow. They have thoroughly understood the importance of being c*ntable.” 


Julie O’yang’s new political book on contemporary China will be launched in coming July. Stay tuned for news, including a brand new website dedicated to the title. 

Meet & Greet Julie at SALF Festival in London

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