Recently I was invited to take an authorsAMA on a platform that is new to me. I think writers and artists and my creative friends should try it, it’s worth it. 
Standing where I’m standing today, I don’t want to take things from granted. Power is in the eyes of the viewer. As a creator I stand, not behind my creation, or in front of it. I stand next to it, just like one of my viewers: We take the experiences together.
Below I picked out a few q&a’s casually. I’m waiting for more interesting questions that hopefully will be popping up here, as my AMA was closed on last Sunday morning. The entire thread can be read here.    
Q: If you could not be convicted of any one type of crime, what criminal charge would you like to be immune to and why?
A: Imagine dreaming will become a crime in the future, I want to be immune to the charge of all the dreams l ever have had and shall have.
Q: Is science fiction entertainment or is it literature, how does entertainment overlap with literature and how does it diverge from it?
A: Please answer two questions from me first. Did you enjoy James Joyce’s Ulysses? Do you think Joyce enjoyed the writing?
Q: Is science fiction considered to be serious literature and why?
Q: How does science fiction’s depiction of non-human or semi-human characters challenge or redefine what we mean by the “human”?
A: Very interesting question!
Mistakes. Humans like to assume… 
Q: Why do you think male writers are overrepresented in the sci-fi genre and why, do you believe, there are not more women writing science fiction?
A: It greatly fascinates me to see how men enjoy looking at car parts together during a birthday party! Scifi tends to be filled with shining technologies, with nerdy stuff. The gender gap in technology we still see today can be blamed on male-dominated participation ever since the dawn of humanity and human history, OK? It’s written in our social DNA. I don’t want to take biology lightly (sextech is another thing that fascinates me).
Q: Where can people find your journalistic writings and columns online?
A: For the past two years I have contributed a column on contemporary Chinese society and culture Hoje Macau (Macau, China), a selection of my columns can read here.
These pieces are recent work, they are originally written in English and translated into Portuguese by my translator Vanda Leitão. In 1993 I won “The Best Literary Journalistic Essay” in China. Shortly afterwards my work was banned, that’s when I decided to leave Chinese writing.
In a way, my current book takes a journalistic approach as well. My book consciously focuses on dealing with the pressing issues of our society today. Which is also why me and my creative partner chose photojournalism style for the photography in this book (see example below). We are currently applying for George Soros Open Society Foundation grant for photojournalism. And brand new journalistic book on China is planned to be launched at the end of March – beginning of April, avaliable in print and e-book (and later also as luxury edition). Right now I’m waiting for my co-author and designer to wrap up a few last things. We are very excited. Please stay tuned.

PS: From 2013-2015, I have worked as Editor-in-Chief for Holland-based English/Chinese bilingual luxury magazine XiN. More journalistic articles focusing on contemporary Chinese consumption culture, trend and art scene written by me can be read in the print magazine. In 2008 during Beijing Summer Olympic Games, I also hosted a 5-episode talk show China TV for Dutch National Television broadcast.

Photo: studio recording in Beijing in the summer of 2008

Thank you for spending time with me. 

PS: I guess my “call for action” was a little too often in the AMA. Sorry for that. My partner-in-crime Filip Naudts and I said that we added a few poetic lines to the answers  Image result for laugh emojiImage result for laugh emojiImage result for laugh emoji Filip looks like this:

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