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“She is wild, contemporary and romantic at the same time”

      An interview with Nummer9080:

      “ Dorya Glenn is wild, contemporary and romantic at the same time”


Those who in the last months have looked up in the sky occasionally saw it was written in the stars. Photographer Filip Naudts foretells the future in a sci-fi photographic novel that is available from the end of October at select bookstores. For the textual part of the book, Filip managed to team up with co-writer Julie O’yang, the Dutch author with Chinese roots.  Together they gave birth to The Picture of Dorya Glenn.

“Somehow it has turned out to be an erotic thriller,” says Julie O’yang with motherly affection. “One year ago Filip contacted me and asked whether I would be interested in a collaboration to make a book together. Previously  we had discussed ideas to make a TV documentary about Filip’s adopted daughter, and for some practical reasons we decided to suspend that plan. However, I was so excited about the photographic novel and said yes before I knew!”

Filip: “Apparently, Julie jumped into the idea at once and I received a storyline on my email in no time. It was a sci-fi story in which Julie and I play the lead roles and fight one another with our own medium: word and image.  I was sold.”

Julie: “The Picture of Dorya Glenn is a story with two intertwining layers. The photography does not try to be illustrations; instead Filip’s photos tell another story about a paparazzi photographer who is watching a writer writing the sci- fi story published in this book. He is eager to explore the psychological consequences his image manipulation has on the writer and uses this as an alibi to invade her private space. The price is high for his game unless…Well, you have to read our book to find out for yourself.”

Filip: “It’s a story with which we want to engage the reader to the maximum. One of the main themes is the dictatorship of the image culture. Who will survive the combat, the word or the image? Who wins in the end, the writer or the photographer? We want to hear the answers from our audience.”

Julie: “Additionally, we wanted to tackle urgent issues, for example, identity politics, immigration crisis, ethnic ambiguity and eroticism. Our heroine Dorya Glenn wears a special see-through costume on heels. It felt quite empowering on the set, I must say.”

Filip: “We wanted to make her a powerful, clever woman who shows appreciation for common values ​​such as transparency and tolerance. Julie and I want to underline the importance of these ideals ​​in our project. We are very grateful to be able to count on support and encouragement from all kinds of people, artists, friends and Dorya fans. ”

Julie: “Our shoot took place in a fantastic house in northern France. To complete the picture, Arno gave us permission to use one of his songs in our campaign. Dorya Glenn is wild, contemporary and romantic at the same time: an absolute delight!”

The Picture of Dorya Glenn

Hardcover 160p, € 24.95

Stichting Kunstboek ISBN 9789058565778

Available from 23 October at select bookstores or order from the artists directly and save 20%

julie 超辣

Determined dreamer. Published author in English, Dutch, and Chinese. Former People’s Liberation Army (PLA) captain turned artist entrepreneur and screenwriter. She survived the Cultural Revolution as a baby. In the 1990’s she left for London and has lived and worked in free exile ever since. Her work covers a wide spectrum. As journalist, she creates content covering a range of topics on contemporary China from an insider perspective. In 2008, during the Beijing Olympics, she hosted a 5-episode talk show TV China for Netherlands’ national broadcaster and discussed China’s media landscape with media stars and experts from both China and the Netherlands. From 2013-2016 she was the Editor-in-Chief of the English/Chinese bilingual magazine XiN 新, focusing on today’s China shaped by consumerism. O’yang contributes a weekly column to Hoje Macau on contemporary Chinese art and culture. Her English language book titles include: Butterfly, a historical crime love story set in the Second World War. Since May 2016 O'yang has been collaborating with Flemish photographer Filip Naudts on an art project, which has resulted in the photo novel The Picture of Dorya Glenn. Julie works from the Netherlands and Denmark.

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