“TranceTank: A powerful item which can heal any kind of health defect due to Platinum pollution or other environmental issues. TranceTank gives someone boosted powers, triggered especially when they are stuck in a situation where they need to survive. Or when they absorb too much evil influence of the Platinum Sun-Moon by the Mammals Valley, Altair IV’s Platinum mining economic zone. Or – for some strange reason nobody remembers this one – when they want to protect someone.” The Picture of Dorya Glenn, a photo novel, p. 121 


Watch Dorya Glenn floating in the TranceTank on the futrue planet Altair IV

Book launch September 2017

A dark romantic story about a writer and a photographer who collide in a battle of wills on an alien planet. Inspired by Oscar Wilde’s philosophical work. 

The Picture of Dorya Glenn is a photo novel/phiction,  a cultural polination between Julie O’yang and Filip Naudts

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