!!!XiN Magazine spring 2014 coming soon!!! Editor’s letter 主编寄语 ———HAPPY EASTER!

Editor’s letter 主编寄语

Speaking of emancipation…




Emancipation is a fantasy that has found its way to exposure. To attract attention, one can dance, one can sing, and sure one can yawn because the law of an illuminated spotlight is often a mystery –

Recently, I have been getting quite a bit of media exposure with the visit of the Chinese president and his wife to the Netherlands. I must admit – having more exposure is kind of a bittersweet thing for me, honestly, because in my heart of hearts I much prefer good, quiet work in the shadows. Exposure makes you famous, not just good work. It is a fact whether you and I like it or not. Fame means you can say and do more to make an idea fly and go viral.

In this long-awaited edition, XiN magazine has dedicated a significant part of it to the exciting phenomenon called China’s First Lady. Peng the style icon is able to turn every state visit into her red carpet moment – and it is not only her personal jubilation. As a fan puts it: “The First Lady gives our people a face”. It is China celebrating the fact that it has become a modern, perhaps more open country. Maybe my homeland is maturing in the skin of a maturing woman who has continued to grow. And what a breathtaking view to behold!

Traditional beauty and international charm, these are the keywords to appreciate and decode the “soft power” diplomacy aiming to unite people all over the world. “Julie, it all starts with the desire to communicate and listen,” a Facebook friend wrote me the other day. I trust and sincerely hope that this is a way to celebrate our diversity and debate our differences without fracturing our global communities. To understand and accept an idea that is not ours. I applaud that.

For me, this is true emancipation of a nation! China needs it. The Chinese people deserve it even more. We all wish to live in a more balanced world with equal rights and equal potential impact!

Talking of equality, I suddenly realized something and wondered why nobody is writing about Barack’s or Xi’s sleeve length or shoe size if such things are so important in today’s world? I borrow Shakespeare’s words to bring an end to my musing: To this blessed plot, this earth!

Happy Spring!

Oh and please note that in order to encourage its correct pronunciation,

I have slightly re-spelt my name. It is now:

Julie Oyang



其实个性解放开始时只是一个默默的想法,但是由于人们发现了它的无穷魅力,被曝光了并为大家所接受了,一个沉默的想 法就成为了现实。作为媒体人,我很关心用什么方式能最有效地吸引大千世界里成千上万人们的眼球,一个人可以疯狂舞蹈,或者放声高歌,甚或打个不同凡响的哈欠,因为聚光灯的法则往往是一个谜。


您现在手中捧着的这本最新的《新》用了重量级篇幅来观察“中国第一夫人”这个新现象。彭丽媛女士从就职以来在不断地吸引着国际媒体的关注。她不仅是时尚偶像, 而且她能把每次国事访问变成第一夫人的“红毯”时刻,但这不仅仅是她个人的荣耀。一个粉丝这样说: “第一夫人给了咱们中国人一张脸”。确实,也许中国正在成为一个更开放的现代国家。也许我的祖国正在走向成熟,而这种成熟则是通过一个成熟的女人在自己新的角色中继续成长来表达出来。这是令世界兴奋的时刻!

传统美结合国际魅力,这是所谓“软力”外交中的关键词。“一切都从沟通和倾听的愿望开始的, ” Facebook的一位朋友给我发来这样一句很聪明的话。我相信并衷心希望通过这种“软”途径,在保持不同社区间的友好之前提下,发展多样性,并能够公开讨论相互之间的不同与分歧,理解并接受与自己不同的想法。我举双手赞成。





Julie O’Yang | Editor-in-Chief

XiN Media
Badhuisweg 74
2587 CL The Hague
The Netherlands
XiN: You know China from here!




XiN magazine editorial team wishing our readers 


julie 超辣

Determined dreamer. Published author in English, Dutch, and Chinese. Former People’s Liberation Army (PLA) captain turned artist entrepreneur and screenwriter. She survived the Cultural Revolution as a baby. In the 1990’s she left for London and has lived and worked in free exile ever since. Her work covers a wide spectrum. As journalist, she creates content covering a range of topics on contemporary China from an insider perspective. In 2008, during the Beijing Olympics, she hosted a 5-episode talk show TV China for Netherlands’ national broadcaster and discussed China’s media landscape with media stars and experts from both China and the Netherlands. From 2013-2016 she was the Editor-in-Chief of the English/Chinese bilingual magazine XiN 新, focusing on today’s China shaped by consumerism. O’yang contributes a weekly column to Hoje Macau on contemporary Chinese art and culture. Her English language book titles include: Butterfly, a historical crime love story set in the Second World War. Since May 2016 O'yang has been collaborating with Flemish photographer Filip Naudts on an art project, which has resulted in the photo novel The Picture of Dorya Glenn. Julie works from the Netherlands and Denmark.

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