A novelist lives in fear. Each new day demands new ideas, and I can never be sure whether I’m going to come up with six impossible things and speak the truth..

A truth liar and a liar truth. There are still five more different ways to look at a novelist’s way of looking at facts.

… …

AS A FICTION WRITER I HAVE A PENCHANT FOR FACTS. Why is it after watching this I have the impression that the Americans are violent liars?  (wink wink)

julie 超辣

Determined dreamer. Published author in English, Dutch, and Chinese. Former People’s Liberation Army (PLA) captain turned artist entrepreneur and screenwriter. She survived the Cultural Revolution as a baby. In the 1990’s she left for London and has lived and worked in free exile ever since. Her work covers a wide spectrum. As journalist, she creates content covering a range of topics on contemporary China from an insider perspective. In 2008, during the Beijing Olympics, she hosted a 5-episode talk show TV China for Netherlands’ national broadcaster and discussed China’s media landscape with media stars and experts from both China and the Netherlands. From 2013-2016 she was the Editor-in-Chief of the English/Chinese bilingual magazine XiN 新, focusing on today’s China shaped by consumerism. O’yang contributes a weekly column to Hoje Macau on contemporary Chinese art and culture. Her English language book titles include: Butterfly, a historical crime love story set in the Second World War. Since May 2016 O'yang has been collaborating with Flemish photographer Filip Naudts on an art project, which has resulted in the photo novel The Picture of Dorya Glenn. Julie works from the Netherlands and Denmark.

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  1. Quite the eye-opener. The truth at the core of this subject is the fact the humans value how things are perceived over how things really are. This wouldn’t be so bad except for the hypocrisy of insisting that people should be wholly truthful. We expect it of everyone but ourselves. Those who lie more prevalently also tend to be the first among those to ostracize someone who has been called out for it.

    Even though I say that, I do think there is a line that mustn’t be crossed. Lying is an inherent defense mechanism but when we are motivated by greed, hatred or malice–the desire to damage others… well, that’s a whole new ball of wax. My two cents, for what they’re worth…

    1. Tanya,
      As a novleist, I have made lying my profession and art; a liar with a nobel intention to create the child who dares to point at the Emperor and his new clothes. Actually, when I was a little girl, I decided that my hero was and should be so-it-goes-protagonist of Vonnegut’s Mother Night. A liar who paid a high price for his magnanimous lying. I’m forever aware what I pretend to be.
      Thank you very much for your comment.

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