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  The book is not just a love story with darker shades but also is a treatise on the futility and brutality of wars between nations and a critique on the idea of nation state. Historically insightful with political undertones, the novel has fully fleshed out multi-layered and credible characters. Written beautifully and structured intelligently, you get hooked to the story right from the first page. The denouement is also equally fascinating. 

                          ■ Abdullah Khan


  Tour de force. ■ Leanne Delehanty, author and visual artist


 [A] book that reminds you of the joy of discovering a treasure, and wondering why there aren't a few hundred-thousand more who have already found it before you. 

                          ■ Unlikely stories.


 History is written only once, so is Butterfly by Julie O'Yang.

                          ■ Young Chronicle


 A book that has all the essential ingredients that makes a bestseller. There never seems to be a damp moment with the right choice of words. ■ Creative Ecstasy


 The author's use of dialogue is a key strength …[A] read with the mind and the heart. ■ Liam Lyles


 ...this is nothing like I’ve read before. The writing style is "different”, somewhat a la Haruki Murakami.

                           ■ The Vault of Books














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*Butterfly, a novel by Julie O'Yang

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                  Mariposa, una novela de Julie O'Yang, traducida al español por davitzín josé rochelero ¡¡¡La versión impresa ya está disponible en Amazon.com!!!

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